The Cherry Tree Story

When Brittany was a little girl , her father would read her poems at bedtime

from Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Tree Ferries. Here is one of her favorites:

The Song of the Cherry Tree Fairy
Cherries, a treat for the blackbirds;
Cherries for girls and boys;
And thee's never an elf in the treetops
But cherries are what he enjoys!
Cherries in garden and orchard,
Ripe and red in the sun;
And the merriest elf in the treetops
Is the fortunate Cherry-tree one! 


Brittany moved to 104 Lower Bench Penticton BC,  when she was 11 years old. Her mother fell in love with the Cherry Tree in the back yard. Her father remodelled the house and developed  the  layout  of the Suites to provide easy access into  the front and back yards.  There are Lilac, Silver Birch and Pear trees within easy view of each Suite. Plum, apple, apricot and hawthorne trees also adorn the property; 

Orchard Suites seemed somehow appropriate.














Brittany, who resembles the fairy in The  Song of The Wild Cherry Blossom; currently studies 

English Literature at the University  of Victoria.